TEG San Francisco Event Series

TEG and has collaborated with the San Francisco Fashion Merchant Alliance (SFFMA) to create an exciting 5-month event series specifically for local Bay Area designers!

TEG, in collaboration with SFFMA is proud to announces its “Launch Your Line” Workshop Series in San Francisco. In an effort to educate and inspire Bay Area independent designers and fashion entrepreneurs, TEG is rolling out a monthly instructional and event series to showcase its development and small volume production processes. The series will span five months and offer sessions that focus on everything from launching your clothing line to industry mixers and client showcases.

Each two-hour workshop will feature an informational session by Founder, Jennifer Evans, and members of the TEG team, showing guests how to take an idea from inception to end product.  In addition, industry mixers and client showcases will be held, to spotlight guest TEG designers who will be featured with their work and collections. The series will then conclude in May with the TEG Pop-Up showcasing collections from TEG Alumni and finds from TEG Voyage travels.

All events will be held at the picturesque TEG San Francisco studio at 1633 Market Street.

All events will be held at the picturesque TEG San Francisco studio at 1633 Market Street.

Upcoming Scheduled Events : 

January 28, 2016 - Launch Your Line Workshop

February - FashionTour/Industry Mixer

March - Independent Bridal Design Showcase

April - Launch Your Line Workshop

May - TEG Client Launch Event and Pop-Up Store

January 28, 2016 from 1:00-3:00pm
Launch Your Line Workshop:
From Design Through Production

Join the San Francisco TEG team in our Market Street studio, for an informational seminar on how to Launch Your Line: From Design Through Production. Learn the steps of the process from the TEG team, who have together launched over 750 clothing lines, who will be on hand to share their insights and tips to save you time and money.

Meet other emerging designers and have your questions on the process answered, while enjoying an afternoon in TEG's picturesque San Francisco studio.  In collaboration with the San Francisco Fashion Merchant Alliance (SFFMA).

Tickets are $10, to RSVP please click here.

CFDA + Banana Republic + Greg Lauren + TEG

Dear Designer,

What do you get when you combine a global retailer, an artist turned designer, the leading fashion organization in the U.S., and TEG's development and production services?  The challenge of the year, something we have never shied away from taking.  And that it was!

This year, TEG was honored to be chosen by the CFDA, as part of it's manufacturing initiative, as the source to develop and produce an artisanal collaboration between Banana Republic and designer Greg Lauren.  This week, after 6 months of the TEG team's day-to-day meticulous work, we are pleased to see the handcrafted collection now in Banana Republic stores, receiving accolades from everyone involved.

Now, there are many collaborations out there, I know.  Few however, boast the level of dedication to maintaining the designer's commitments to artisnal workmanship and local manufacturing, while working within a global retailer's scale and process.  It took finding ways to bridge these very different takes on the fashion process, and a lot of patience.  But the TEG team's unapologetic devotion to craftsmanship and quality fit right in.  

The TEG team provided first samples with approvals on the first fittings in the development process, maintaining our commitment to only 1 round of fittings.  We kept a streamlined schedule, successfully managing the numerous send-outs for fabric treatments and specialty processes, in combination with our in-house production with hand finishing and artisnal touches.  With this, we took an exceptionally complex production, and provided on-time and early deliveries, with perfect quality checks.  Simply stated, our team was exceptional, and I couldn't be more proud!

In this newsletter, I invite you to see our photo journey through this process, from ideation to delivery to Banana Republic stores.  While we cannot share all the details, you can see some behind-the-scenes shots to this unique collection, and the press event and editorial photos of the finished collection.  

Needless to say, TEG is ending the year on a high note, finishing this and countless other successful development and production projects!  You can also read about it on the CFDA website, by clicking this link And, be sure to stop by Banana Republic, to see the collection for yourself!

Happy Holidays!


In-progress pictures taken at TEG

Pictures provided by La Force

End of Summer Newsletter, August 2016

Dear Designer,

For most, the thought of summer brought ideas of vacationing in the tropical islands with a refreshing glass of a summer cocktail, but for TEG, summer's gift of longer days and shorter nights denoted the opportunity to engage in more projects with all of its clients. But as every entrepreneur knows, with hard work comes reward.

This summer has indeed been filled with rewards, for TEG and our clients as alike! Read below to learn about some of these highlights, along with new updates about our production services, and upcoming events to join us at.

And as your summer comes to an end, whether it included tropical islands or long days in the studio, we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional services that support you as the independent designer.

Cheers, Jennifer Evans

TEG in The News!
LA Downtowner, August Issue

TEG is excited to have been mentioned in the LA Downter August 2016 issue. The article brought to light the significant impact our company has had on faciliating the development of idependent design in the heart of Los Angeles,and in the Arts District for 10 years.

“We often work with designers who have no experience in design but it’s a dream of theirs. Bridging the gap for someone who didn’t go to fashion school but wants to create,” explains founder Jennifer Evans.
— LA Downtowner, August 2016

Client Highlight

TEG is proud to announce that our clients have also been achieving notable recognition and achievements.  Client, Bristol LA, is a brand that we have been both developing and producing for two seasons.  Bristol LA's designs and look books have achieved an aesthetic deeply rooted upon minimalism.  But don't let "minimal" deceive you, Bristol LA epitomizes that simplicity has the capability of being merely as elegant as intricately ornate avant-garde fashion.

Bristol LA displayed their most recent collection at the Gen Art's "Fresh Faces in Fashion" event on August 4th in an Arts District warehouse in Los Angeles.  The collection displayed an assortment of pastel colored  vintage-inspired bombers, car coats, button-downs and denim.  Contributing writer for the LA Times, Adam Tschorn, attributed the collection as "athlesure-meets-retro."  With such a tactful honing of minimal designs, it is no surprise that designers Tommy Nowels and Luke Tadashi of Bristol LA were selected as theGenart's "Menswear Designer of the Year.

TEG Upcoming Event
LA Textile Show and Seminar, September 26-28th

"Launching Your Line, From Development Through Production"
A Seminar with TEG Founder, Jennifer Evans

Ever dreamed of wanting to start a fashion line, but have no idea where to begin?  Or, have you started and are now filled with questions on what to do next?  Find out at the LA Textile Show at the California Market Center!

TEG is proud to be the key sponsor of this event that will be taking place from September 26-28 at the California Market Center.  TEG founder, Jennifer Evans, will be delivering a seminar on Tuesday September 27 at 2:30 pm.  Topics discussed in this seminar will primarily serve to provide advice in regards to the steps necessary for the development and production of a fashion line as an independent fashion designer.  

TEG Service Update
TEG Now Offering Expanded Production Services!

Are you ready for production?  TEG has broadened their production services in order to provide packages better equipped for a myriad of independent designers with distinctive project requirements. Production services have also been broadened in order to provide independent designers with more affordable prices, while still ensuring the integrity of trusted vendors. 

TEG continues to offer our renowned in-studio "High End, Small Volume" Production for 10 to 50 pieces per Style, along with factory level productionat 50-100 pieces per style, and 100-300 piece per style!

Key Production Options That TEG Offers:10-50 Pieces Per Style50-100 Pieces Per Style100-300 Pieces Per StyleHow are these production options ideal for you?

   The "10-50 Pieces Per Style" Production Option is geared towards luxury and high-end lines that require special quality assurance, for complex designs.

   The "50-100 Pieces Per Style" Production Option is ideal for direct-to-consumer lines needing small volume with accessable margins.

   The "100-300 Pieces Per Style" Production Option is suitable for established lines selling wholesale and in the need of finer-quality manufacturing, competitive pricing, and on-time deliveries.

Call or email us with any questions you may have, or to receive costing on your production.  We look foward to talking with you! 800-916-0910info@tegintl.com

A New Line to Watch
Hola! La Pina

TEG is also proud to announce that client, Meg O'Brien, has recently launched her "Hola! La Pina" line of pastel tunics. O'Brien has experience working in the fashion industry as a freelance art director and producer for various projects.  Now with her own line, Hola! La Pina, a collection of pastel tunics, she offers fashionistas a casual blend of leisure and elegance. Made entirely of soft silks, Hola! La Pina's tunics, naturally provides a flattering flow on the bodice ideal for warmsummer days like these. 

Back to Basics, July 2016

I open the factory door to overlapping 'Buenos dias!' welcomes, combined with chatter and laughter as the sewers situate in their work stations for the day.  Mascot Jack is patted on the back by many, and has his ball thrown a couple times by the production floor manager Juan.  

Soon the quiet hum of the sewing machines replaces the chatter, indicating we are back into a typical day of sewing at TEG.  I turn the music on and check-in with Juan, then Gloria, our head sample maker who I've worked with for over 10 years now.  She shows me a new picture of her 1st grandson in the outfit she sewed for him after work a couple days earlier, bursting with pride.

I absolutely love this routine.  I love the sewers, who arrive every single day happy and eager to work a solid day's work with enthusiasm.  And I love having a beautiful facility for them to work in, and livable wages paid to them, to support their strong work ethics.  It has always felt like my path to do so, and at every crossroad, I have known I want to continue with my work as a sewing contractor.  

Normally, after an hour on my own with the sewers, our pattern makers and administrative team arrive to start their work days.  But not this week, as they are all on vacation with their loved ones.  It's just Jack and I holding down the fort like we did for so many years.  Surprisingly, I cannot stop savoring this chance to revisit every area of the business and reconnect with it first-hand.  

After a whirlwind 2 years of traveling the world, launching TEG, introducing international programs, meeting my love and getting married in 3 incredible weddings (yes, 3!!), there is nothing that feels better than getting back to the basics and feeling grounded in what I love to do.  

I am so proud of our team of craftsmen, and the countless collections they have completed with great skill and perfection.  I am proud of our managers who have helped turn the concept of a sewing factory for independent designers into a dynamic, thriving, and successful company.  Collaboratively, they have achieved the greatest flattery, of respect and admiration from our peers.  

From this, next month we will be embarking on one of the most exciting projects I have worked on to date.  TEG has been chosen to be a part of a unique collaboration brought to us through referral from a client.  It combines the most prominent fashion organization, a leading global retailer, and an independent designer who's designs and background impress and challenge us all.  

Together we will bridge our world's and bring a remarkable collection to market.  For us, it will be a test to further achieve the respect of our peers, and the fashion industry.  I will be savoring the opportunity, and experience of working hands-on for the next 6 months.  It won't be easy, but being grounded with my team as we reach new levels, and achieving further respect from our peers will make it worth it.

I hope you stay close as I post about this exciting project, revealing the details as they are unveiled.  It will be an adventure that is for sure!



Connecting the Dots...September 2016

It has been 11 years now, that I have put all of my energy behind connecting the dots between the needs of independent designers and craftsmen.  Each January, I take a count, and this year counted over 650 labels that my teams and I have worked with over the years.  From those, if I had $100 for every client that has asked me or my team to consult for them in areas related to launching their line successfully, it's fair to say, I could've bought a much fancier sailboat!  

Nonetheless, I have always felt awkward selling ourselves as the authority on the matter, when our full attention has been on creating development and production services for our clients.   But the requests persisted.  Then when I did my annual count, I realized my teams and I have worked with one of the largest pools of emerging designers.  Many of these now have real success stories and gained invaluable experience they are happy to share.  I didn't need to try to fool anybody.  All that was needed, was to connect the dots!

This month, we are pleased to announce the start of the TEG Alumni Consulting Program.  We launched the new program last week at the LA Textile Show, where TEG was a key sponsor (keeping attendees well-caffinated) and exhibitor.  We gave two seminars to attendees, both of which had full-houses, and had a great time spreading the word about this new program.  You could see just from the seminar attendee's eyes, as they listened like sponges to our alumni speak, we succeeded in connecting the dots! 

Now here's how it works......

The TEG Alumni Consulting Program consists of flat-rate packages that are geared towards helping emerging designers achieve their goals affordably, and measurably with our alumni's guidance.  New clients are assigned a TEG Alumni Consultant with a similar aesthetic, or applicable experience. They work directly with them in one of the TEG studios, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Barcelona, or remotely anywhere in the world.  

All packages begin with a 2-hour in-person Brand Analysis for $500.  There, the emerging designer will discuss their vision, goals, collection, strategy, and special areas of need in conversation form with a TEG Alumni Consultant that suits their needs or matches their aesthetic.   The consultant will provide insight, suggestions, and answer specific questions the designer may have.  Then they receive a follow-up and re-cap from the TEG Alumni Consultant, providing an overview with next-step recommendations in areas of need, from our 5 primary categories, specialty categories, or add-on topics.

The 5 primary categories:

  1. Product
  2. Sales and Distribution
  3. Production
  4. Finance
  5. Branding and Marketing

Specialty categories:

  1. Footwear and Handbag Design
  2. Sustainable Design
  3. Navigating the Luxury Market
  4. Ongoing Coaching

Add-on Services:

  1. Full Design Packages
  2. Technical Design
  3. Tech Packs
  4. Sourcing

We are very excited about the new TEG Alumni Consulting Program, and all the enthusiasm that has come from our emerging designer clients, as well as our alumni.  Stay close to our social media, as we will be introducing our alumni consultants, and sharing their areas of expertise.  And don't be surprised if you see this program evolve, as the ideas are flying with this much creative energy behind the new program!

For more information, including package pricing, and additional details about the above topics, please visit the TEG Alumni Consulting page on our website, click here: www.tegintl.com , or email us at info@tegintl.com. 


What A Year It's Been! December 2015

This December brings us to the close of a truly remarkable 2015!  It's been a year of countless new lines launched, new segments and packages offered to our clients, workshops to introduce our services, pop-up shops to promote our client's work, remodels to two of our studios, exhibits at the LA Textile Show, Open Houses in our studios, and many more ways that we were able to connect with our clients and industry partners in the last 12 months.  Here are a few pictures to of highlights from this year!

A Gift for You!

What better way to celebrate 2015 and say 'Thank you!', than to share our excitement with our clients and friends?  For the month of December, TEG will be offering a 10% discount on all domestic development packages contracted this month!  With only a 5-style minimum, you can experience a savings of $490 to over $1500 on your next development package, while working with our highly-skilled teams in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Barcelona to develop your line.  You can read more about our famous development packages at the link below, or, contact Allison for more details at allison@tegintl.com!

Read more about our famous development packages here:

Referral Program to Continue!

Our referral program has undoubtedly been a hit!  We have received on average 3-4 inquiries a day from direct referrals, and we love thanking you all for your support!  Due to the program's success, we plan to continue it on an ongoing basis, and reward those who are helping us stay connected to independent designers.  

Here's how it works:  Refer a friend or business to use our services and receive either a $200 Visa gift card, or a $500 credit towards your own package of 5-styles or greater.  The referred client must contract a minimum of 5-styles and the credit must be redeemed within one year of receipt.  Contact Allison for more details at allison@tegintl.com!

What's Next?

While 2015 was a hit, we certainly are not stopping here!  Stay tuned for more TEG Voyages to visit new partner factories, and introduce new services to our customers.  I will be traveling to our Barcelona studio to connect with the local design community, and expand our presence through our evolving development studio there.  I will also be traveling to current partner factories, as well as new domestic partner factories, and those in new areas abroad that we are yet to explore!  

We have plans for a new TEG Workshop series in our San Francisco studio, offering workshops and ongoing sewing and pattern making classes to the local community, led by our very talented team.  You can expect to see us exhibit at the LA Textile Show, as well as other industry-related events.  And we will be continuing to host TEG Open Houses, now in all of our Studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Barcelona!

We all thank you for your continued patronage, generous referrals, and support of our ideas for promoting independent design and preserving craftsmanship, both locally and globally.  Have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Warm Regards,


Summer of New Things at TEG International! July 2015

This summer, we are celebrating our first year in business as TEG International. It has been an incredible year, with over 70 lines launched this year at TEG, and we could not be happier to share it with you! As we move into the next year, we have quite a few things to look forward to!

A New Look is Hitting San Francisco
As you may know, we just finished an interior remodel at our San Francisco studio, located in the heart of San Francisco's mid-market area, across the street from Zumi's cafe.  It has taken a lot of time an teamwork to make our visions for the studio become reality.  We are proud to say that we now have a space that is as inspiring and creative as we are, and we cannot wait to see new designs come to life here.

The studio now features full length windows, that will be opened soon, so the passing public can see our craftsmen at work as they go about their day.  We will be celebrating the new studio in San Francisco in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes open for the date; and feel free to come by and see the new space!

Launch Your Bridal or Couture Collection This September!
We are also continuing our Launch Your Line series with our Bridal and Couture Collections workshop, Saturday, September 19th in our Los Angeles studio.  Here, our in house master-fabricators will explain their years of experience, the scope of our capabilities and exhibit work from previous clients that fully displays our style and skill.  We believe that the production quality of your product should match the standard of its design, and we aim to bring you nothing less.

2015 Development & Production Referral Program
Earn $200-$500 per referral!

It is an exciting time for not only those looking to launch their own lines with TEG International.  In addition to our upcoming workshops, TEG is offering a limited time Referral Program for our friends and their creative communities.

We are booking development and production for Fall/Winter of 2015 and we want to help those closest to us.  Many of our clients eventually move into larger realms of production and distribution, of which we could not be more proud to have played a part.  As they move through their developmental journey, it is always our hope that they spread the word of what TEG has done for them, and can do for others.  So, for a limited time, refer a friend or business to use our services and receive either a $200 Visa gift card or a $500 credit towards your own package of 5-styles or greater.  The referred client must contract a minimum of 5 styles and the credit must be redeemed within one year of receipt.

As always, you can find more information about any of our packages, our locations or register for upcoming events at our website.

It has been our pleasure to assist with creating some amazing products this year under our new brand.  As we look forward to the years ahead, we can't help but wonder about the amazing things to come.  It has been an unforgettable journey and we thank you for being a part of it.  Sometimes, it's not about the journey's destination, but the people you meet along the way.


Inspiration Everywhere

I was 19 with a insistent dream to travel.  So I sold my restored 1964 Volvo for travel funds, and moved abroad to London to study abroad.  It was the first time I had experienced any real culture, outside of the suburb I grew up in, and I was captivated by every sight and sound that differed from what I knew.   I took to jogging during this time, and spent countless hours jogging throughout London’s nook and crannies, filling my mind with inspirations big and small. 

To capture these inspirations, I started a notebook, and filled it with anything that struck me with inspiration, or reminded me of what I wanted my life to be like.  London served as only a starting point for me, and was followed with years of living in different cities and adventurous travel, leading into my entrepreneurial pursuits with The Evans Group.  Throughout these years, I continued to collect pieces of authentic inspiration for my notebook, using the visuals during times of doubt, to remember who I am, and where I am going in this Grand Plan (aka ‘life’).

I still have this notebook today, and love looking through it, with so many of the inspirations formed somehow in my own life, often in uncanny ways.  Not only were they inspirations to keep me focused subconsciously, but also coming from all aspects of my life allowed them to be part of a bigger picture that could only be true to me.  When I stay true to them, it is there that I find my best self, and my life is filled with ease.


s emerging designers, I encourage you to do the same every day.  Look everywhere for inspiration points for your designs, for both your big picture plans and small design details.  Gather them up, whether it is in a notebook, a Pinterest board, Instagram, etc.  Put them in a place you can reference them often and nurture them with your positive energy.  Then sit back and see how they begin to guide your life and your new collection.

Everyone has their own unique story to tell, one that can and will translate authentically into your work if you allow it.  Be original, be honest with yourself, and it is in that authenticity, that you will find your creativity flows with ease.  And when you let this expression come out in your collection, and trust that the more true you are to you, the closer to a sustainable success you will be, as it is directly connected to only you!

Together we can bring your vision to life and partner with you as a designer to share your vision with the world! 

Bon Voyage,



A New Adventure

If you had told me when I started The Evans Group 10 years ago, of all the adventures that I would encounter, I would have taken my boat safely ashore immediately.  However, if you had told me the place I would be in 10 years later, where I am now, I would have taken a deep breath, and sworn to see it through.  While we are not given the option of knowing what lies ahead in life, I have learned that going into the complete unknown, with only a dream and inner-belief you can achieve it, is what makes the reward in reaching it so incredibly sweet.  

Photo May 20, 5 23 17 PM.jpg

This month marks 10 years since I started my first sewing factory in a shipping container in Laguna Beach.  There I set out with my idea of preserving craftsmanship while promoting independent design, both domestically and someday internationally.  With a sketch of the state of California as my business plan, with stick-figure drawings of factories in Los Angeles and San Francisco, I set out on the voyage of my lifetime.  It was called The Evans Group.  It seeped out of me in a way that could not be contained, and I knew I had to do it, but had no idea what lay ahead.

photo 1.JPG

Within 1 quick year after opening our container door to designers, offering no minimum production, Gery, Gloria, Alberto, Jack and I packed our 3 sewing machines and moved shop to the Arts District of DTLA, and opened a factory with 30 sewers.  Immediately upon arrival, it seems, we encountered one giant storm after another, each taking it's fair share out of me the last 10 years.  With your continued patronage, we remolded our model countless times until it worked.  But throughout it all my vision never changed, nor my commitment to see it through.  

After 10 years of this committment to lead The Evans Group’s in-house development and production teams, serving more than 500 independent designers, I had the unique opportunity to reset, venture off the factory floor and to now create something new.  I am an entrepreneur by nature, and garment manufacturing is my profession.  With the support of a trusted and supportive business partner, my only task was to combine this passion and profession into something new, to define our next 10 years.

I rented out my flat in San Francisco, and fulfilled my dream as a sailor, of buying a big sailboat to live on, explore in, and use as my refuge.  I then turned a 2-week trip to Barcelona into a 5-month stay, using it as a jumping pad to many nearby countries with artisan sewing communities.  In my travels I met countless craftsmen, artisans, designers, artists, and fellow entrepreneurs; allowing endless conversations with those who speak my unique language in life.   I was able to remove myself from the daily stress of small business, and simply be a sponge; taking ideas and inspirations into account as I created ideas for our new venture and brand.  

We are now TEG International.  We are currently partnered with 8 local and international artisan factories providing samples and small volume production for our clientele of independent designers.  Each has a specific craft that they have perfected, some over many generations, allowing TEG International to offer segments of shoes, bags, leather works, custom printed silks, and a list that goes on.  We opened a new studio in San Francisco; a full-service development and couture studio in the heart of the bustling Market Street, in Barcelona; a serene development studio and logistics office overlooking the fashionable Passage del Borne, and completely remodeled our Los Angeles factory all in an effort to suit our new model. What hasn’t changed is our renowned in-house development team and our unwavering commitment to the highest quality product in the industry.   

In one week, I will set sail to LA on my sailboat Concorde, and we will launch TEG International at the LA Textile Show. We will then continue the momentum of the show over the next 6 months with an exciting series of planned events that will introduce our new international services, and allow you rediscover those domestic ones you already love.  I am energized, inspired, and beyond excited to have the opportunity to do what I love to do: create something different, something unique and above all, with your help, hopefully something great.  I hope you will join us on this new voyage at TEG International, as our adventures have only just begun.

xoxo Jennifer

TEG International Mission Statement

We are a vertically integrated fashion, development and production house committed to promoting independent design and craftsmanship. Thanks to our international network of partners, our reach is global while our work is local. We are headquartered in Los Angeles and operate development studios in San Francisco and Barcelona. We believe in fostering unique design, supporting dignity in the apparel industry and preserving the fine art of bespoke artistry.